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When you want it NEAT!

Ninja Made takes pride in providing household services to homes and small offices in Metro Manila and nearby areas. Our main expertise are housekeeping and aircon cleaning, but we provide value added services such as plumbing, electrical and simple handy works.

We are committed to provide a better and safer alternative to cleaning by using only eco-friendly products. This is in line with our efforts to uphold our five star hotel standard quality at all times. Through this, we have established strong relationships with our ever loyal customers, who are growing by the numbers.

Avoid the stress of keeping your homes and offices clean. We at Ninja Made will always be ready at your service, whenever you want it neat!




To Provide Equal Work Opportunities
We provide opportunities for individuals who find it hard to get regular employment due to academic or age concerns. We equip them with the necessary skills through various training programs, in order to deliver top quality service. Apart from this, they are also exposed to programs that would help develop their self-confidence and enrich them with Ninja values that would set them up for success.

To Use and Promote Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
It is important to keep households clean and spotless, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure the health and wellness of those who inhabit it. This is why we let our Ninjas use only eco-friendly products, which are safe, economical and efficient.